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Our knocked down hollow metal doors and frames are commercial grade and come pre-finished in either white or bronze. These three-piece frame kits can be easily assembled on site. These sturdy doors and frames are of the highest quality and come with everything you need to fully install them yourself.

Door Construction: Fabricated from 20 gage galvanized steel face sheets with top and bottom channels closed flush, our doors are treated with metal prep Zinc-Chromate wash primer. Pre-finished doors will have a leather grain textured finish, painted white or bronze, and packaged with a polybag and full cardboard carton to protect the finish. All lock edge reinforcements are16 gage steel; all hinge reinforcements shall be 9 gage steel. Insulated doors have a pre-foamed polystyrene slab of 1.0# density filling the inside of the door. The core is secured to the face sheets with a waterproof adhesive applied with automated spray equipment. “U” Factor = .24C. Doors shall be beveled 1/8” in 2” on lock edge with 1/8” clearance at head, 3/32” clearance at jambs, 1/4” clearance at meeting edges of pairs and 3/4” floor clearance.

Frame Construction: Frames are fabricated from 16 gage, minimum spangle, hot dipped galvanized mill treated steel and factory applied Iron Phosphate coating for proper paint adhesion. Frame bends will be brake formed. Our frames receive a modified Alkyd Primer utilizing a dip process to ensure complete coverage. Pre-finished frames receive a primer base, plus finish coat and packaged in cardboard carton along with all parts. Head and jamb corner brackets are welded to frame members and pre-punched for field assembly with 5/16” bolts, providing a simple rigid frame connection. All hinge reinforcements are 9 gage steel. Each frame consists of three pieces with bolts and nuts for field assembly. All reinforcements, clips and anchors are factory welded.

Standard Hardware Preparation:
Standard weight hinges 4-1/2” x 4-1/2”(.134)
ANSI A115.1 (4-7/8”) universal strike
ANSI A115.2 (4-7/8”) universal strike


Our pre-assembled hollow metal doors and frames are commercial grade and come pre-finished in either white or bronze. These doors come fully assembled and are prized for their ease of use and installation. Used in Metal Buildings all over North America, our pre-assembled doors are the top of the class when it comes to quality, durability and ease of installation.

Door Leaf: Our leaves are constructed from 20 gageGalvanneal steel, with a smooth finish and weather/temperature insulation.

Frame/Subframe: Our frames are made from 16 gageGalvanneal steel. Our frames are measured at a 5-3/4” throat, and feature heavy duty hinge reinforcement. The subframe is made from 16 gageGalvanneal steel, which is also paintable.

Hardware: Our door hardware features a heavy duty lever lock and BBNRP Hinges (26D). They are also ADA compliant, with door bottom sweeps, adjustable Kerf weather seal and adjustable “L” mounting clips.

Common Features: – We offer complete preassembly in our factory, with white or bronze finish options available. Heavy duty crating is also available on a per job basis.

Masonry and fire-rated frames are also available.


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