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Gravity Powered – Louvers and Ridge Vents

Design Components, Inc. offers roof mounted gravity vents assimple yet effective options for ventilating your building. Often referred to as “Natural Ventilation” roof mounted gravity vents work on the principle that hot air rises.As the inside of your building heats up during the day that excess heat is released naturally through the vents. Our gravity vents come with a number of options, such as Galvanized Steel, Galvalume steel or Aluminum construction with optional painted finishesalong with manual or motor operation.

Our gravity ridge vents fit nicely along your metal roof’s ridge, while the round vents can be placed anywhere on the roof. Both options allow for a natural, easy way to vent heat out of your metal structure. Most used in large industrial or commercial warehouses, our gravity vents have optional mechanical or manual dampers to cut off air flow as need be. Both styles of gravity vents can be custom painted and finished to your roof and specifications.

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