Design Components, Inc. offers a wide variety of wall louver options. Whether you require fixed, operable, Florida Hurricane rated or vertical storm proof designs we have you covered. We will custom build them for your specific job requirements. Both Steel and Aluminum construction is available as well as many finish options from mill finish, Kynar® paint or Anodized finishes.

Working with one of our many fan options, our various louvers will make sure the air is continuously flowing through your metal structure and allowing for proper air intake. Our highly customizable louvers create the cross ventilation you need by either being self-framing to install into a metalwall panel or installed into a framed opening. Give us a call today and let’s get the air moving in your metal structure!

Design: Designed specifically for metal building wall panels to have a self-framing recessed head and tapered sill along with self-flashing jambs for standard “R” and “A” type panels. This design allows the louvers to be installed alone, one above the other or side by side, without the need for mullions or frames. An Insect screen is a standard 18/16 aluminum mesh install in an extruded removable, rewireable aluminum frame.

Finish: Our louvers feature a mill finish or electrostatically applied polyester paint, 2 mil, with a thick finish to match most metal building colors.

Options: “C” channel or flange frame options are available for masonry or framed openings. Hardware cloths or 3/4” bird screens are available options. 115/1/60 motor actuators with linkage for single or multiple sections.

Special shapes, material and finishes are available.

Fixed Louvers: Our fixed louver frames are constructed from 18 gauge galvanized steel and welded to be watertight. Blades are roll-formed from 20 gauge galvanized steel. Our fixed louvers have 4” deep blades riveted to the frame at a 45° angle. Installed fixed blade louvers have 55% free area.

Adjustable Louvers: Our adjustable louvers feature 4” deep roll-formed blades with plated twin link pivot brackets. These are riveted to the blades and connected with 1/4” zinc plated rod and assembled using a brass pivot and set screw. Adjustable louvers have 77% free area when fully opened. All adjustable louvers came standard with either a hand crank or chain operator mechanism.



Choose Design Components, Inc. as your Steel And Metal Building Louver Supplier.

We provide our customers will unparalleled service, and we look forward to having the opportunity to serve you with all of your industrial building louver needs. We also offer a wide variety of other metal building components which you can see here.

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