Design Components Inc. offers just about any kind of flashing you may want. We offer Dektite® pipe penetration flashings, Dek-Cap® SSR end cap flashing and Dekstrip® flexible flashing. Our Dektite® pipe flashing provides a water-tight seal between your pipes and the panels of your metal roof, and are easily adjustable to your roof panel profile. Our Dek-Cap® will flash off the high seam to most any standard trapezoidal shaped rib design. Our Dekstrip® flexible flashing conforms to nearly any shape, and is used for creating water tight and heat resistant seals across any number of surfaces and materials.Dekstrip® is available at 9”, 12” and 18” widths.

Flashings are serious business. Whether you need pipe, metal roof panel and adjustable flashings, give us a call today and see how we can help seal those cracks.

Dektite® Flashing

Construction: Made of a long life, flexible, weatherproof EPDM rubber (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) compound to give maximum weather, ozone and ultra-violet light resistance. Dektite® flashing has a 20-year life expectancy when installed using the manufacturer’s recommended accessories and installation procedures.

Design: The Dektite® pleated rubber cone conforms to most any roof pitch and panel configuration. It allows pipe vibration by isolating movement caused by expansion and contraction of a metal roof. Dektite® flashing won’t crack or break, and is approved by all major metal building

Installation: Dektite® flashing can be easily attached to steel, aluminum, copper, plastic, fiberglass or wood and installs in less than 10 minutes, with five easy steps and no special tools required.

Dek-Cap® Flashing

Construction: The Dek-Cap® flashings are made of a sturdy thermal elastomer rubber, and their flexible, corrosion-resistant aluminum base conforms to the majority of standing seam roof panels.

Applications: Dek-Cap® flashings are perfect for metal roof curbs, skylights and ridge applications, and are available for new and retrofitted construction.

Design: Dek-Cap® flashings work with both left- and right-handed seams, and are pre-formed to reduce installation time. They feature fastening locations clearly indicated for accuracy and dual underside ridges provide maximum sealing.

Dekstrip® Flashing

Construction: – Our grey Dekstrip® flashings are the best in expandable edged flashing, featuring heat weld and a stretch of 25%.

Applications: Dekstrip® flashing is most commonly used on parapet walls and chimneys, stepped roofs and transition walls. It is also very effective on square and round roof penetrations.

Design: Dekstrip® expandable edge flashing conforms to most any profile. It performs as an expansion joint, and eliminates screw hole elongation. Unlike metal flashings, Dekstrip® flashing is lightweight, compact, easy to handle and heat weldable for watertight joints. Dekstrip® can also be painted to match any surface using any good quality 100% acrylic gloss paint.

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