Our windows come in most standard sizes and can be either clear or tinted. They can have fixed or operable sliders, and come in single glazed or insulated styles. Windows frames are either self-framing and self-flashing windows or custom built to fit any opening in your Metal Building. Additional glazing options are available including insulated glass, low-e glass, and different shades of tinting.

Construction & Design: Our aluminum windows are fabricated from commercial quality 6063-T5 extruded aluminum alloy, with frame members no less than .062”. Our screws, nuts, bolts and rivets are all aluminum, stainless steel or other non-corrosive material compatible with aluminum and are of sufficient strength to perform the functions for which they are used. All joints of both frame and sash are neatly fitted and secured in a manner to utilize the full strength of the members connected. Members are adequately sealed to assure against seepage into surrounding wall construction. Operable windows are furnished with sash lock at meeting stile. The sash will operate freely and be equipped with nylon rollers to assure proper alignment and smooth operation. The window sash is equipped with wool pile Fin-Seal weatherstrip that has been treated to provide added protection.

Screens: Where called for, insect screens arehalf length and made of rolled aluminum frames with 18×16 mesh fiber-glass cloth.

Finish: Exposed surfaces of aluminum members can be finished in standard mill, white or bronze enamel paint.

Glass: – Our horizontal slide and single hung windows are factory glazed with 1/8” thick DSB or hermetically sealed 7/16” thick insulated glass. Glass is installed with rigid vinyl snap-in bead on the outside of the window, with glazing leg rebates serrated to receive a backbed compound. Fixed glass Windows are factory glazed, with 1/8” thick tempered glass with graylite tint or 1/2” thick hermetically sealed double glass with graylite tint. Glass is installed with an outside aluminum snap-in glazing bead with vinyl seal. Glazing leg rebates are a minimum of 3/4” in height and serrated to receive a backbed compound.

Options: Installation in metal wall panels utilizes slide-in fins and snap-on trim. Installation is also possible in masonry wall or framed openings.



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