These fans are roof-mounted and constructed of either galvanized steel or aluminum material. They use the vertical discharge design and have dampers that protect against rain and snow, even when the fan is in operation.

Construction: Our roof ventilator assembly incorporates an angle frame design along with an all-welded curb cap fabricated from heavy gauge galvanized steel. Our dampers are constructed of durable steel or aluminum. When specified, a finish coat of paint on exposed surfaces provides additional protection .

Design: The vertical discharge design of our upblast power roof fans seals the opening against rain and snow while the unit is in operation. When the fan is off, counterbalanced dampers close by gravity to provide a weather-resistant closure. Our roof fans are designed for long life and low maintenance, and all fans AMCA rated for air performance.

Features: Our fans come in direct-drive or belt-drive models, with blade diameters from 24” to 84”. Motor and drive equipment is either recessed in the curb or mounted outside the airstream, depending on your specific needs.

Motors: Our motors come with many options, including 1/4 to 20 horsepower, single and 3 phase, Open Drip-Proof (ODP), Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC), Totally Enclosed Ball Bearing (TEBB) or explosion-proof as requested.

Accessories: Our fans feature optional roof curbs, for both conventional and metal buildings, as well as various electrical accessories including disconnect switches.

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