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Design Components Inc. offers a wide variety of roof curbs built to meet your needs. No matter how big or small, we can help with this essential rooftop structure. If you have a fan or other structure on your metal rooftop, you need a roof curb to attach it securely to your roofing panels. We have a Roof Curb solution for new construction or specialty adapter curbs for retrofitting existing units.

Product Features: All of our roof curbs feature a 20-year manufacturers’ warranty and are made from 18 gage & 14 gage Galvalume or galvanized steel and .080 & .063 aluminum. All curbs have the standard 1-1/2” thick 3lb. density fiberglass insulation. All seams are continuously welded, with fully welded crickets (water diverters). Options for our roof curbs include HVAC, pipe penetration, two-piece, three-piece, platform and ridge mounted style curbs. Metal building panel high ribs are made per order depending on the specific roof panel manufacturer and profile style. High ribs can be welded or loose, as over the panel ribs or under the panel ribs (downhill side only). Curbs painted to match your roof color is an available option.

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Choose Design Components, Inc. as your Roof Curb Supplier.

We provide our customers will unparalleled service, and we look forward to having the opportunity to serve you with all of your roof curb needs. We also offer a wide variety of other metal building components which you can see here.

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