Design Components Inc. is proud to offer a wide selection of skylights, with either a dome or pyramid shape, acrylic or glass, single glazed or insulated and clear or tinted. Our skylights can be both UL and FM rated, and offer energy-saving natural light as well as a stylish design accent for any metal structure. Used in metal buildings of all shapes and uses, from commercial to industrial and everything in between, our skylights are favored by contractors the world over.

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Give us a call and let us see what kind of skylight could let the light into your metal building.

Construction: We offer factory assembled units consisting of single or double acrylic domes or pyramids as specified. These feature an extruded aluminum frame with integral condensate gutter, exterior drip and sufficient drainage slots to carry all moisture to the outside.

Design: Our skylights’ composite dome and frame meet or exceed a 40 PSF snow load requirement. Options for higher PSF snow loads are available on request

Glazing Materials: Our standard acrylic plastic glazing material provides a lightweight, impact-resistant and economical alternative to glass. Clear, white, bronze and gray tint styles are available.

Options: Polycarbonate glazing material, thermalized frames and curb mount frames or self-flashing integral curbs are available. Skylights can also be clustered together.

Finish: Mill finish frames are standard, but anodized, baked enamel or Kynar finish options may also be selected as specified.

Warranty: Our skylight products are warranted to the original purchaser for a period of five years from date of shipment against defects in material or workmanship, provided that such products are installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

Condensation: Under certain conditions of high humidity and large temperature differentials, condensation may occur on the metal and plastic surfaces. Double glazing will usually reduce the occurrence of condensation, but will not totally eliminate it. Under certain temperature conditions, condensation may form between the layers of the plastic glazing, but will normally dissipate as the air space is heated by the sun. Sealed double domes are more resistant to the formation of condensation in addition to preventing the accumulation of dust and foreign matter.

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We provide our customers will unparalleled service, and we look forward to having the opportunity to serve you with all of your skylight and smoke vent needs. We also offer a wide variety of other metal building components which you can see here.

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