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Design Components Inc. is proud to offer two different types of smoke vents for your metal building’s needs. Our mechanical smoke vents operate by sensing temperatures and opening when things heat up to 165 degrees (Optional fusible link temperatures are available). A seal automatically burns off and opens the vent, letting any trapped smoke and heat out through the roof of your metal building.

Our drop out smoke vents resemble our skylights, and literally “drop out” when temperatures rise. These drop out smoke vents are an attractive way to make sure everyone in your metal building stays safe from smoke and fire, and both our smoke vent variations are among the best in the metal building industry.

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Smoke Vents (Mechanical): Our mechanical smoke vents are just what they sound like; vents that open and close to release smoke when needed. These vents are available in both steel and aluminum.

Smoke Vents (Drop Out): Unlike our mechanical smoke vents, the drop out smoke vents do not move at all. Instead, they provide a consistent method for smoke to escape, and come with standard fall protection.

Construction: Our smoke vents can be either galvanized steel lids (mechanical) or acrylic domes (drop out). Units can be FM or UL approved. Mechanical units have included fusible link operators and outside release handles. All hardware necessary for installation is included.

Design: Incorporates a flange to install on any type roof curb. Curbs can be insulated with 3# density insulation and can be installed in conjunction with any metal roof panel type or BUR construction. Individual units can be flashed together for continuous applications.

Finish: Mill or painted finish options can be applied to match most metal building colors.

Standard Sizes: 4’-0” x 4’ 0”, 4’ 0” x 8’ 0”
Special sizes are available upon request.

Loading: 40 lbs per sq. ft. for solid lid (mechanical) or acrylic dome (drop out) constructions.

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